7/8″ Dia. Crescent Shaped Nail-on Slider Glides for Chairs, Stools, & Tables – Protects Your Floors as Furniture Slides Like Magic! – Tan – Box of 25




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Think all floor glides are created equal?… Think again!
There’s a lot to love about these floor glides!They’re self-lubricating, long lasting, and super easy to install. And while the tan color blends in with virtually any type of wood, it almost doesn’t matter what color they are, due to their unique, crescent shape! That’s because unlike “squarish” glides, these have a profile that tapers away from the viewer, making them practically invisible. And aside from the fact that they work great on chair legs of any angle, there’s another advantage we’re sure you’ll appreciate… When these glides encounter minor irregularities in the floor (such as uneven tiles or larger grout lines), they simply glide right over it like miniature ramps. Nice!

While they’re primarily meant for chairs, use them on ALL your furniture to make things 10X easier to move and clean behind. The self-lubricating nylon makes it easy for kids to move chairs around, while sparing your floors (and your ears) at the same time! Glides measure 7/8″ in diameter (the same width as a nickel), and are 1/4″ tall, while the integral nail is 3/4″ long.

Oh, one last thought… All D.H.S. sliders come in a handy, re-sealable box, making it easy to store any extras!

Installation tips…
– Don’t try to hammer the glides in with a single blow. Use as many small taps as you need to get the job done.
– Pre-drilling usually isn’t necessary, but for harder woods, it might be a good idea.
– If you’re replacing existing glides that had a larger diameter nail, just prep the hole with a toothpick and a small dab of glue, and you’re in business!

Here’s what you get…
1 box of 7/8″ diameter, self-lubricating, nylon furniture glides – 25 piecesUNIQUE PROFILE – Crescent shape makes them practically invisible, while allowing chairs to glide effortlessly over uneven floors!
SELF-LUBRICATING NYLON – Makes it easy for kids to move chairs, while sparing your floors (and ears) at the same time!
RECOMMENDED USAGE – Best suited for ceramic, porcelain, and laminate floors. For hardwoods, please search for B00UM8GTEQ
ECO FRIENDLY PACKAGING – Reclosable box makes it simple to store any extras! – See product description below for installation tips! – 25 pieces
DUGAN’S GUARANTEE – Buy em, try em, use em, abuse em for 30 days. If not happy for ANY reason, return for a full refund. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!