Birthday Party Bash – Nintendo Wii



Birthday Party Bash - Nintendo Wii

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Birthday Party Bash is brought to you by the developers of the multi-million seller Carnival Games. Its a modern-day party experience like none other, offering child-friendly action and entertainment the whole family can enjoy. The box even includes actual birthday party invitations.Free party invitations and special Duncan Hines coupon included to bring the virtual party into reality.
Over 20 classic birthday party games including Pin the Tail, Hot Potato, Present Frenzy, Balloon Popper, Musical Chairs, Sack Race and many more.
Ten different girl and boy themed party rooms including: pirate, glamour, sports, princess, construction, stuffed animals, monsters, magical forest, army men and music.
Customize customizable for any birthday boy, girl, friends and family (even grandma).
Accommodates up to 12 players (via shared Wii Remotes).