Evolve Modern Shape 45″x 60″ Clear Rectangle Office Chair Mat For Low And Medium Pile Carpet, Made in the USA By Dimex, Phthalate Free, C5E6001J



Evolve Modern Shape 45

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NEW Evolve Modern Shape Chair Mats from Dimex | The ONLY Chair Mats Specifically Designed for Today’s 5-Star Wheel Base Chairs The familiar chair mat shapes on the market today were developed over 50 years ago, when pedestal desks were popular. The traditional rectangular “lip” fit the narrow opening for the legs, offering additional protection from wheel wear in that space. Over the last half century, as office chairs evolved from 3-wheel and 4-wheel bases to the more stable 5-wheel base design and pedestal desks evolved into more open modern style for the office and home, the advancement of chair mats got left behind. Until now…Evolve Modern Shape Office Chair Mats are the result of extensive research on how we move in our workspace relative to today’s office chair and contemporary furniture designs. The radius front and back corners of the mat work in concert with the circular footprint of the 5-star wheel base to offer more efficient use of the roll able surface of the mat, eliminating the useless portion of the squared off corners found on most rectangular chair mats today. Evolve patented designs bring chair mats into the 21st century. Replacing or repairing carpeted floors can be expensive! Protect your investment with a durable Evolve Chair Mat that is engineered to protect your low or medium pile carpet from wear due to the wheels of your office chair rolling back and forth over time. Perfect for low and medium pile carpet thicknesses of 3/8” or less. TIP: To determine the thickness of your carpet pile, place a penny on it’s edge down in the carpet pile (like measuring a tire tread). If the bottom of Lincoln’s nose is at or above the carpet pile, your carpet is 3/8” or less.The ONLY chair mat specifically designed for today’s 5-star wheel base chairs.
Features a rectangular design and gripper backing to provide protection on low-medium pile carpet.
Proprietary material formula is engineered to provide industry-leading performance and clarity.
Manufactured in the USA and GREENGUARD Gold certified by UL.
Ships flat in a ISTA-3A approved packaging eliminating difficulty in unrolling, warping, creasing and other shipping damage.