Kids Scooter – Deluxe 3 Wheel Glider with Kick n Go Lean 2 Turn [ Pink color ]



Kids Scooter - Deluxe 3 Wheel Glider with Kick n Go Lean 2 Turn [ Pink color ]

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Product Details:

-OxGord Aluminum and steel alloy kids kick scooter. The perfect gifts for kids looking to zip around the local neighborhood in safety.

– Perfect for travel and easy to storage.

-Stable 3 Wheel design is perfect for beginners. Our unique 3 wheel design is perfect for young boys and girls just starting life’s adventures. Safer and more stable than the standard 2 wheel design yet still speedy and agile.

● ADJUSTABLE KIDS SCOOTER: Zip around the neighborhood in style with this 3 wheel kick scooter by OxGord. Constructed of metal and durable nylon composites our kick scooter is the same quality build as brands costing far more.
● STABLE 3 WHEEL DESIGN: Our unique 3 wheel design gives the kick scooter both added stability and safety. No need for a kick stand or for unbalanced riding. Wide deck and 3 wheel design make riding fun and easy for kids of any skill level. Simply hop on and start scooting. Quality PU wheels are both smooth and quiet and high quality bearings reduce vibration and make a smoother ride.
● DURABLE ALUMINUM FRAME: Built to last, our kick scooter is made with a high quality aluminum frame, carbon steel alloy & adjustable T locking handle bar. Handles also feature comfort grip pads. Folding design makes the scooter ideal for travel or storage. Built to handle the bumps our kids scooter is guaranteed to last for years of enjoyment.
● EASY TO USE REAR BRAKE: The OxGord kick scooter features an easy to access rear brake which when pressed brings the scooter to a speedy secure stop. Large aluminum reinforced brake pedal is easy to use for quick and firm breaking fast.