Marvelux 36×48″ Polycarbonate (PC) Rectangular Chair Mat for Hard Floor | Clear



Marvelux 36x48

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Chair Mats Ltd. have all of your surface protection options covered. We are dedicated to finding the right mat for you. If you have any questions for us, please feel free to ask below.

This smooth back Polycarbonate chair mat will help to prevent hard floors from damage caused by your office chair casters or wheels. Whether your chair mat is needed for the home or office, at Chair Mats Ltd. we are dedicated to supplying our customers with the highest quality surface protection; that make your basic everyday tasks that bit easier. Proven to reduce leg fatigue, our mats provide a smooth glide surface taking the strain off of your legs. We recommend periodically adjusting your chair mat position to prevent the build-up of trapped dust and moisture which can occur in certain environments.

Key Features –
• This mat is suitable for Hard Floors including; Vinyl, Stone, Tile, Carpet Tile, Wood, and Concrete.
• Clear
• High impact strength for ergonomic gliding
• Sound absorbent
• Reduces leg fatigue
• For home or office
• Suitable for underfloor heating
• Our floor protection mats come in various sizes, shapes, materials and applications.
• This Smooth back mat is designed for your hard floors. This mat is also available in Gripper/ Studded/ Cleated back designed for your Low, Standard and Medium pile carpet (up to 1/2″ thick including padding)
• Please see above for other size options available.
• With this sound absorbing mat, carrying out your basic daily tasks at work or at home become that little bit easier with this chair mats smooth glide surface for your chair casters or wheels.

Our products have various shipping formats our small sizes (30×48″ and 36×48″) are shipped flat. Our larger sizes (48×51″ and 48×60″) are shipped rolled.Assured Protection – 36×48″ clear rectangular Polycarbonate mat to protect your home or work office flooring.
Odor Friendly – Odor, Toxin, Cadmium, Tin and Lead free.
High Impact Resistant Smooth Glide Surface – Having this added ease of movement is proven to reduce fatigue by taking the strain off your legs.
Polycarbonate Smooth Back Hard Floor Chair Mat available in either rectangular or lipped shape.
Buy from the Experts – Chair Mats Ltd offer a comprehensive range of Chair Mats for the home and office at outstanding prices. Whether you are looking for a budget or top of the range specification, we have something to suit everyone.