Sitting Fit Anytime – Easy and Effective Chair Yoga [VHS]



Sitting Fit Anytime - Easy and Effective Chair Yoga [VHS]

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Sitting Fit is an easy and effective chair yoga, great for home or office. Seated yoga is ideal for the desk-bound, those in rehabilitation, and the physically challenged.

Sitting Fit Anytime will introduce and guide you through a series of yoga stretches, all done in your chair. You never need to stand up to reap the benefits of yoga. Just relax, sit, breathe and stretch. Your body and mind will thank you!

This unique program offers nine 3 to 5 minute segments of seated stretching and deep breathing help to maintain strength and flexibility while relieving the stress and tension associated with sitting for too long.

. Sitting Fit is designed to guide viewers through an accessible and gentle seated program. 43 minutes.