Whiteside 5 Degree Taper Chair Making Bit 1/2″ Shank



Whiteside 5 Degree Taper Chair Making Bit 1/2

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Master craftsman and woodworker Sam Maloof perfected his joinery to a level of artistry that many aspire to achieve. Sam developed a very specific set of bits that aided him in joining the seat pan to the front and rear legs. These bits include a positive 5 degree taper (#151098), and negative 5 degree taper (#151099). These allow you to make the specific dovetail joint needed to create your “Maloof Inspired” creations. “Maloof Inspired” chairs also need the straight-cut bit with a 1/2″ shank (#151100). These bits have several other additional applications including installation of under mount sinks.1/2″ shank size.